Tip #5 – Getting your message to the parents

Probably the trickiest part of selling the yearbook is getting the message to the parent. We work to get the kids excited about the yearbook in hopes that they will remember to tell mom and dad “yearbooks are on sale.” That doesn’t always happen though, so we have to be creative in getting our message to them. Plus, they’re busy – they might forget, so we have to remind them. Here are some ways to get the message to them.

Send flyers home with the students – This is the easiest way. Inter-State will provide pre-printed flyers to customers at no extra charge. We’ve also added some generic, editable documents under the Forms section of this blog.

Mail flyers home to the parents – This can usually be done as a second attempt.

Place posters around the school – Place these in high traffic areas and also in areas where parents will see them.

Set up a table at school functions – back to school night, parent teacher conferences, sporting events, concerts, etc.

Place banners or yard signs outside the school at drop-off and pick-up locations – A local sign maker might be willing to donate this service to your program in exchange for free advertisement in the yearbook.

Send out emails – Most schools collect email addresses at the beginning of the school year; contact the person in charge and ask them to email your message to parents.

School website, newsletter, or text messaging system – Take advantage of any and all communication methods your school uses.

YouTube Videos – Have students create a YouTube video about the sale of the yearbook. These can be fun to watch!

Facebook – Does the school have a Facebook page? If so, ask to have yearbook reminders posted to the page. Or if they don’t and you do, make posts on your page and ask your friends to share your post.

Local newspaper or radio ads – Place an ad in your local newspaper or radio. Some places offer free advertising at certain times.

Place posters in local grocery stores or other businesses frequented by your parents

I’m sure there are many other ways to get the message out there. We would love to hear your ideas!

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