Is your school’s yearbook on sale?

It’s amazing how once the school year starts, the year quickly flies by.  The end of the first quarter is nearing and before we know it the holidays will be upon us.  Have you started working on the yearbook yet?  Taking/collecting pictures, selling ads, picking a theme, planning your layout and selling yearbooks are all activities that should be in the works.  Doing a little at a time throughout the year will make this project much more enjoyable and not so hectic when crunch time is here.  If you haven’t done any of the above yet – don’t panic, but don’t procrastinate any longer.  Number 1 on your priority list should be selling the yearbooks.  Your success will be measured in part on how many yearbooks are sold.  The key to selling yearbooks is making sure parents know they are for sale and then reminding them to place their order.  So plan now to conduct multiple yearbook sales.  If necessary, refer back to our Sales & Advertising category for tips on promoting your yearbook sale.  Also, visit our Forms page for useful flyers that you can edit for use in your school.  Most yearbook companies will, upon request, provide personalized flyers and hall posters at no additional charge – take advantage of those too.  Finally, if online ordering is available – use it.  Many people prefer to make purchases using their debit or credit cards.  Offering this option will ensure the order makes it to you.  It will also take the burden off you to collect the money and manage the orders.  Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co.

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