Tip #16 Spruce up your page templates

Many online yearbook programs offer pre-designed templates to make the build of your yearbook easier and faster.  While yearbook advisors appreciate these template based programs they also want the ability to customize these template designs.  Inter-State’s Online Yearbook Wizard program allows you to select templates and then add or remove images and captions on the template.  Not only that, but you can tilt and resize any of those image boxes if you choose.  The following is an example of two simple layouts.  On the left page you have a basic template. The image on the right shows the original picture boxes resized and additional image and caption boxes added to the page.






Notice the template below.  The one on the left is plain. By adding, tilting and resizing a few picture boxes we have made the right page more exciting. Don’t be afraid to let you pictures overlap.






The possibilities are endless so have fun with your layout design!

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