Are you ready to submit the final layout?

Here is a checklist to help ensure smooth production of your order:

Did you submit a cover choice?

Did you offer any personalization options?  If so, have those lists been submitted?

Did you offer online ordering?  If so, do you intend to continue to accept online orders?  If not, you will want to turn off  online ordering . 

Contact your Representative to let him or her know that your layout has been submitted.  Then verify the following items:

  • Confirm total number of books and pages.
  • Is there any additional paperwork needed to begin production or ship the order when complete?
  • Make payment arrangements.  Is there any money needed to begin production or to ship the book? 
  • Provide an alternative phone number where you can be reached in case of a production question.


Start planning for the yearbook signing party – this is when you see your hard work pay off!  Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. 

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