Writing in the book – Telling stories of the year

The yearbook should tell the history of the school year.  Telling the story using both words and pictures is important, because if you don’t write it down, some details of the events may be forgotten.  For example, if you have a charity run and you only put pictures on the page, in the future no one will know what charity the run benefitted or how much money was raised. On sports pages, you should include the record of the team, and possibly a few quotes from players about the highlights of their season.

You could even ask certain teachers to write a paragraph about a particular event, or  they could make it a class project.  Teachers are always looking for ways to get their students to write more.  Have a student write a descriptive paragraph about the holiday party, and then give him/her credit in the book.

If that does not work, you can simply explain what happened that day with a short descriptive paragraph. You don’t have to write a lengthy description, but just putting a few lines of text on the pages will help future readers recall their memories.


It is not necessary to put captions on every picture.  You don’t have to say things like, “Johnny Dawson is eating ice cream.” However, putting names with pictures is very important for present and future readers, because people will forget who is who.

Five Easy Tips for writing captions

  1. Copy and paste your text boxes, so you don’t have to make a new one each time.
  2. Get a printed list of all the students and keep it close to use as a reference. (Ask teachers to help you identify students, or ask if there is a student who could help you identify each child.)
  3. Don’t worry about naming every child in a large candid photo (like a playground pic or a play).  However, if there are only a few students in a picture, go ahead and name them.
  4. Find a spot on the page to write a few sentences about the event. A good tip would be to email the teacher in charge of the event and ask her/him to write a brief explanation. Then all you have to do is copy it onto the page.
  5. Be consistent – Choose one way to write the names. It does not matter what format you select, just be consistent throughout your book.
  • John Smith
  • John Smith, 1st
  • John Smith, 1
  • Row 1: John Smith, Susie Smith,…


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