How To’s for Yearbook Fusion Users

Here are a couple design tips for creating fun layout designs.

How to put pictures into text and text into pictures.

  • Choose image by dragging the picture to the page.
  • With the image selected, click T in the tool box.  A text box will appear in the image box.
  • Choose a thick font and type the text you want to appear.
  • Once the word is typed over the image, choose T from the tool box and click effects.
  • Click convert to Matte.


  • To invert the picture so that the word is in the image as shown below, click on Image Border and check the invert box in the Matte tab.
  • To undo, uncheck the invert box.

layout 001

Creating Color Blocks & Shapes

layout 002 (Side 2) layout 005 (Side 5)

  • From the menu bar, select Create Empty Frame

To change the shape

  • Select Image Border (bottom left)

To Add a Color Border

  • Select Image Frame
  • In Border Tab, check Border and pick color
  • Adjust thickness of border by clicking on width and adjusting

To fill the shape with color

  • Select Image and then the Fill tab
  • Select color and adjust opacity to the right

Add photos to your design as desired.

Mirror Images on a Layout

layout 004 (Side 4)

  • Place image on page.
  • Right click on image and choose mirror, flip top/bottom
  • Line the image up with the other image how you want.
  • With the mirrored image selected, click T in the tool box.
  • A text box will appear in the image box.Choose a thick font and type what word you want in the box.
  • Once the word is typed over the image, choose T from the tool box and click effects.Click convert to Matte.
  • Now the picture is in the word.You can change the opacity of the picture by clicking image, general, and then you can adjust the opacity, brightness, contrast, color, etc.
  • To invert the picture so that the word is in the image as shown, click on the border tool, check the invert box.
  • Add three more image boxes at the bottom and rotate them accordingly.

Here are some more fun template designs using Frames and Clip Art in Yearbook Fusion

layout 006 (Side 6) layout 007 (Side 7)

It’s best to just start playing with your available options.  They are endless!  Here are a few behind the scenes tips:

  • You can choose any frame and then choose to fill it with a color. You can find frames by selecting the frames tab or by selecting the Matte tab in Image Border.  Here there is a drop down of frame choices and you can select browse for more options.  Make sure to mark Enable for your selection to be recognized.
  • You can choose the color and then choose the opacity of the color.
  • You can remove a border on an image frame by making the opacity of the border zero.

Have Fun!

Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. 

2 thoughts on “How To’s for Yearbook Fusion Users

  1. How do you use these designs if you don’t have Fusion – just the yearbook Wizard? I would love to incorporate some of these designs – I just don’t see these features in Wizard.

  2. Yearbook Wizard does not offer all of the editing features that Yearbook Fusion does. Some of the features that you see here are similar to features that are offered in Photoshop. Yearbook Fusion provides those features in a much simpler way to use. To replicate pictures into text, text into pictures or mirrored images you would need Photoshop or another image editing software to create your image and then import into Wizard. Creating color blocks can be done in Wizard (reply back if you need direction as to how to do this). The frames and clip art, you may be able to recreate some of that in Wizard but it won’t be exact. Yearbook Fusion offers some really cool frames that can easily be applied to any image – such as the polaroid photo, torn paper etc. I would encourage you to check out our new Yearbook Fusion software over the summmer (or whenever you’re ready). Also visit, There are several short how to videos at the bottom of the page that would give you a better understanding of what the program offers. You can also contact your representative and they can set you up with a free demonstration. Reply back if there is any additional information I can help with.

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