Fundraising Your Yearbook

fundraising-for-you-yearbookWe often tend to focus on photography and design when planning a yearbook. While these are crucial parts to a yearbook, it is important to remember other aspects of the yearbook, such as financial planning. We want you to be aware of different fundraising options, so we gathered a list of ways to help get your finances in order.

As if creating the entire yearbook isn’t enough, figuring out ways to fundraise can be an enormous task. Fundraising doesn’t have to be something you dread. Here are some great ways you and your yearbook committee can raise extra funds for the yearbook.

  1.  Sell Personal Ads – These are ads that parents and family members can purchase to put a special message in the book for their student. You can sell these at open house nights and/or parent-teacher conferences.
  1. Sell Business Ads – The secret to getting businesses to purchase ads for your book is in how you present it. Instead of presenting the ad to the business as a donation that will benefit you, present it as an advertisement that will benefit them. Knowing they will be getting their name out to the community will make them more likely to purchase an ad. Sell different levels of  ads, offering larger advertising spots for a higher price.
  1. Be Creative – Search the internet for fundraising ideas. Do something specifically targeted toward your community.. For example, one of our schools sent Valentine’s Day messages for 50 cents each: “We pre-sell the messages one week before Valentine’s Day and then deliver them with candy… the money helps to cut the cost of the yearbook…”  – EM, Rollins Elementary, Henderson, NC. Another creative fundraising idea is to make a calendar using extra images you’ve gathered throughout the school year and pre-selling them. Pre-selling the calendars will allow you to order only the amount of calendars that you’ve sold. This can become a tradition that students at the school look forward to.

Share how your yearbook committee fundraises below!

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