Theme and the Importance of Theme Consistency

theme consistency blog“Theme” can mean different things to different people. For some people, a theme is a quote that is reiterated throughout the entire yearbook. For others, a theme is a color scheme that is integrated into every part of the yearbook.

What is needed for something to be classified as a theme to you?

We believe that, in order for something to be considered a yearbook theme, it needs to be consistent. That’s it. Consistency. The main purpose of the theme is to determine the tone of your entire yearbook as a whole. The theme can be conveyed throughout your yearbook in a variety of ways, but we believe the key to successfully carrying out a theme is consistency.

How to Keep a Consistent Theme

  1. Simple phrase or word: Staying consistent with a saying or quote can be difficult.  We hear many advisors say that themes that are based on a phrase can be difficult to work into EVERY page.  This seems to be a common problem and that’s okay.  Sometimes just choosing one word like Connected, Echoes, Attitude, or Possibilities can help you keep a consistent theme. Simple is better.
  2. Continuous Element: Your theme could also be an element of design that you choose to use on every page. Using color and/or type as the theme often results in a classy outcome. This is a good way to keep different students’ spreads consistent. Having around three different fonts or font weights and four or five colors will allow everyone to be creative while maintaining a unified theme.
  3. Page Layout: The layout of pages is another way to ensure a consistent theme. For instance, have a dominant photo in the same place on every page. This will help connect different designs throughout the yearbook. Another example is keeping headlines in the same place and/or same color and font. Continuity is the key to consistency.

Please comment below with any ideas or questions you have for us regarding yearbook theme!

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