The Yearbook Ladder

YearbookLadderBlogIf you are new to yearbook, you have probably been coming across some words that you are unfamiliar with. There’s a good chance that one of these words is “ladder”. The yearbook ladder is the page by page diagram used to show and organize the yearbook’s contents. Creating a ladder will help you know what you should be working on and when. Before you try to arrange a ladder, you will want to decide how you are arranging your yearbook. Are you going to do a chronological book, or are you going to put your book into sections?  Will you put the portrait pages up front or will you start with sports?

Here’s a little more information on these types of arrangements:

  1.  Chronological – This kind of book can be organized month-to-month with events arranged by what happens from August through May. You could also do season by season; activities and sports as they fall throughout each season. These will still need to have a section of portraits pages and possibly ads included in the ladder.
  2.  In Sections Portrait pages; sports, clubs, ads, etc.

No matter how you decide to organize your yearbook, it is essential to your sanity that you create a visual ladder!

Conquering the ladder

After you have decided how you want to arrange your book, the next step is to create a ladder. When beginning the ladder, think of it as a developing document. Write your ladder down in pencil, and keep the mindset that your yearbook plan will most likely change. If you go in with this mentality, it will be easier to adapt to the changes needed in your ladder. You are setting yourself up for disappointment if try to force your yearbook to look exactly like you thought it would at the very beginning.  When the time comes to manipulate your ladder, you can either start over and keep the old one for reference, or you can erase and fill in where you need to.  Remember, revision is all part of the process!

Completing a ladder will set you up for success! Feel free to use our planning ladder. Please share any tips or questions you have about creating and using ladders.

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