Organizing Yearbook Files and Images

organizing-files-and-photosKeeping your yearbook files and images organized is a difficult task if you don’t have a standardized method for saving files.  To keep you from finding yourself in this situation, we have some tips to help you save and organize your files/images efficiently.

1) Keep all of your yearbook files and images in one folder. This folder will be where everything “yearbook” goes. Give it a name that is easily recognizable, like Yearbook 2015-2016. This will prevent you from forgetting where you saved the homecoming photos a month ago, because you will know you saved them in the Yearbook folder.

2) Use a file sharing program. If your yearbook committee has students that will be uploading photos onto different computers, use a file sharing program like Dropbox or Google Drive. This will allow everyone to access all yearbook files and photos from their individual computers. Have each student create folders named in a way that everyone will recognize the person to whom the folder belongs. Put these folders in your shared folder so students will be able to easily share work and photos from separate computers.

3) Create subfolders within the Yearbook folder.  Organize these subfolders by sections or events. For instance, if you are organizing by sections and are looking for the drama club photos, you will go to the Yearbook folder, then to the Clubs/Sections folder, then to the Drama Club folder. As yearbook advisor, it may be helpful to create any folders/subfolders you think the class will need beforehand, adding folders as needed. This will keep the Yearbook folder organized and easily navigable.

4)  Keep file, photo and folder names short, precise and searchable. Writing a long, descriptive name will make it difficult to locate. Use a general name that is distinguishable from others. For example, when saving the photos from homecoming, it is better to save all of the photos in a folder labeled Homecoming. The photos inside of the Homecoming folder can then be broken down into subfolders labeled more specifically, e.g. Homecoming Pep Rally, Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Football Game, and Homecoming Dance. Most of the time, if you keep photos from different events organized in different folders, it is not important to name individual photos.

5) Be Consistent.  Once you determine how you are going to be naming and classifying your files, photos and folders, keep everything uniform. This will prevent confusion when searching through your Yearbook folder.

6) File used photos in a separate folder.  Once you have used a photo in the yearbook, move it to a separate folder labeled Used Photos. This will prevent you from repeating photos in the yearbook and will also provide a place to easily locate used photos.

We hope these tips help you keep your files and images organized. Share how you keep organized below!

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