Writing Captions for Photographs

CaptionBlogYou’ve created a yearbook spread of all of the homecoming activities, and you’re ready to write your photo captions. Seems to be an easy task, except you forgot to get that one kid’s name… and this caption is too long… and where was this photo taken again? Don’t fool yourself into thinking writing captions is a last-minute, insignificant thing; it takes a little effort and is very important to the students.  However, it will be much easier if you follow these tips!

1) Use the five W’s.  When captioning a photo, it is important to know who is in the picture, what they are doing and why they’re doing it, and when and where the picture was taken.  If you leave out any of this information, you may look back at the yearbook and wonder what’s happening in the photo.  Acquiring this information is the photographer’s responsibility; it is important they bring a notepad to events so that he/she can record this information while it’s fresh on his/her mind.

2) Keep it short (and small).  A good caption can tell a story in just a few sentences.  Keep the caption focused on the photograph and provide context. The font should be around size eight so it can fit easily under the photo and takes up little room on the page.

3) Use quotes.  Quotes are a good way to give meaning to a photo.  Ask the person in the photo to describe how he/she felt the moment the photo was taken or how the event went.

4) Use adjectives.  Even though the caption should be concise, there is still room for descriptive language. Using a few well-fitting adjectives will make the caption more interesting.

5) Double check your information.  It is important the information be correct under the caption, especially the person/people in the photo’s name(s).  It’s easy to mistake the order of names in a club or team photo. Pass a piece of paper down the rows of the group when taking the photo, and have the students write their names in order of where they are standing.  This will eliminate your having to guess who is who.
We hope these tips help you make your photograph captions descriptive and fun to read.  For more yearbook tips, follow our Pinterest page.

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