Sale Boosting Ideas

SaleBoostingBlogAn important part of the yearbook process is promoting yearbook sales. After all, your hard work will be in vain if no one buys a yearbook! Here are some tips on how to boost your yearbook sales.


  • Hang posters through the halls that include sneak-peeks of your yearbook spreads. Spreads that are funny or that include a lot of students will be good attention-grabbers. Previewing a good yearbook spread will get students interested in buying yearbooks.
  • Send flyers to students telling them which pages of the yearbook they are featured on. This may be something you want to wait to do until the yearbooks are complete, as some pictures on pages are subject to change. Be careful with this one; you will only want to use this sales method if everyone is featured in the yearbook outside of their individual portrait picture. If your yearbook committee implements a set minimum number of pictures for each student, this will be a good option for you. Make sure students are not being left out if you choose this sales method.
  • Use your school’s announcement system to advertise the yearbook.  If your school has a morning video newscast, make a fun commercial for the yearbook.  If your school only has audio announcements, create a radio-like advertisement to get students listening and interested in buying a yearbook.
  • Have a party when you reach a certain amount of sales. Get students involved by hosting a pizza party (or something of that sort) when they reach a certain number of sales. Set a date. If 75 percent of the school has purchased yearbooks by that date, host a pizza party. If 90 percent of the school has purchased books by that date, host a pizza party and an ice cream social. Be creative; students love the opportunity to eat food!
  • Give students who buy a yearbook a Yerd Herd bracelet. You can purchase them here. This is a reasonable incentive that will get students excited to buy a yearbook.
  • Use social media. Have the yearbook committee run a campaign that is posted on the school’s Facebook, Twitter, or the yearbook’s social media account (if there is one). Provide a special incentive or discount for buying during the campaign.

We want to hear from you! Let us know if you have any other ideas, suggestions, or sales stories of ways to boost sales for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog!

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