Head Into the Holidays with a Boost in Your Yearbook Sales

The holiday season is a great opportunity to pick up additional yearbook sales. Head into your break feeling confident that your yearbook sales will meet your expectations for the year. At this point, you have probably made your yearbook cover selection and will have a proof of what your yearbook looks like. Show it off!Holiday-Blog-2
Elementary School Yearbooks

Set up a booth during musical concerts to remind parents that yearbooks are available in case they missed the earlier reminders. Maybe seeing their child in concert will inspire them to order a yearbook, allowing them to cherish those moments with a beautiful keepsake.

Middle School & High School Yearbooks

During holiday classroom parties,offer an incentive for students to place their yearbook order before they leave for break. Maybe the incentive is a price break on their yearbook or a pizza party in the spring if they reach a goal of yearbooks purchased.


Don’t forget that we have a lot of tools for you to use to help boost sales over the holidays and throughout the year. Contact your Inter-State Studio sales representative to order promotional materials, or download our printable flyers and posters here.

Whatever you decide to do, make it your own personal goal for each student to receive the gift of a yearbook this year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

Check out our post on Sale Boosting Ideas for more tips on promoting yearbook sales.

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