Sell Yearbooks Like Crazy!

Congrats! You are well on your way to finishing your yearbook project. Keep going! I’m sure your pages are looking great. If you haven’t already started the selling process, now would be the time to think about gathering orders for the yearbook. If you are not sure how to begin, here are some ideas to inspire you.


Order Hall Posters. Let the school know that yearbooks are on sale, how much they are and the cut-off date to order. View the posters here, and contact your rep to order.

Send a Customized Flyer. Contact us to customize yearbook flyers that you can send home with students or hand out at school events. They include an envelope for parents to return their payment and provide purchase information. You can also print your own standard flyers by going to our website.

Send an Email. Let parents know, via email, that yearbooks are available. Once it gets closer to the cut-off date, use email templates that we have supplied to encourage them to order soon.

Use Website & Email Ads. Add a little reminder on your school website or email, by including a simple ad linked to your order site.

Set Up a Booth. Make your presence known at any remaining school events. Students and parents alike will be there and it’s the perfect time to have order forms available.

Use a Price Incentive. Let parents and students know that they can get a better price by ordering their yearbook before a certain date, when the price will increase. This tactic will encourage early sales and help cover the cost if your estimated quantity was higher than actual quantity.

Plan a Signing Party. Make purchasing a yearbook more fun by planning a signing party once the yearbooks arrive. Reveal your plans now, so students will get excited about ordering their yearbooks.

Give a Sneak Peek. If you have the yearbook partially done, release a few pages to cause a stir. Curiosity will be piqued and students will be excited to see the whole book once it is completed.



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