Including Pictures of Everyone in the Yearbook

Lesson Twenty-Three

There are a lot of moving pieces when building a yearbook, but the most important responsibility for the yearbook team is making sure each student is pictured in the yearbook. The more times each student shows up in the yearbook, the more incentive they have to buy the book, and they will be more inclined to purchase again next year. Here are some recommendations on what to do to make sure everyone is pictured.

    1. Choose your number. Determine how many times you want each person to be pictured in your yearbook, and make that your goal when collecting pictures and designing your pages. Remember, students will be looking for themselves in the book and this could make or break a sale.
    2. Make sharing easy. Set up an easy way for parents and students to share pictures that they have taken throughout the year. This could be a link from the design program  you are using or you could set up a Facebook group to share images. Just make sure you communicate guidelines about picture quality. Use our yearbook sales and photo sharing ads to help you get the word out about sharing pictures.
    3. Assign groups to your team members. In other words, divide and conquer. It will be easier to keep track if you divide the school by class and assign specific classes to each person working on the yearbook. Individuals on the yearbook team will be responsible for making sure the members of their group are included in the yearbook.
    4. Create an index.  Creating index pages for your yearbook will not only make it easy for you to check how many times each person has been shown, but it will also make it easy for the students and parents to find the pictures.
    5. Make a plan ahead of time. Know what events you will be capturing throughout the year and make a list of students that are involved. If there are students that do not participate as much in clubs and other extracurricular activities, then make a note to capture them in candids. Candids are the most fun anyway!
    6. Take candid group pictures. Use group photos to your advantage. Take a few candids with 2 or more people in the picture. This will help you include more people on a page.

Let’s be honest, finding your picture in the yearbook is the best part. Make this a fun and memorable moment for each student by including them throughout the pages.