Keeping Students Excited and Involved

Lesson Nineteen

Having a focused yearbook committee is essential to creating a successful yearbook. As the school year runs its course, it can be easy for students to lose interest in the daily routine. We have gathered some ideas to keep your yearbook committee excited and focused.

Have a weekly “show-and-tell.” Have students share a 5-10 minute presentation about a designer, writer or journalist of their choice. This is a fun way to get students doing something different while also expanding their knowledge of elements that affect the yearbook.

Switch up yearbook committee jobs. Students can get bored completing the same yearbook tasks everyday. Let them take a break from what they normally do and switch with a student who has a different role. Students can teach each other new skills this way, making your students well-rounded when it comes to yearbook operations.

Take breaks in work time. Sometimes all students need is a five-minute break to stretch and talk with their classmates. It’s amazing how a five-minute breather can rejuvenate students and help them produce better work. 

Set weekly goals. These could be smaller goals that contribute to major deadlines.  For example, you could set a goal to have all of the copy written for the sports spread by the end of the week. If goals are met by the end of the week, provide some sort of reward. Your rewards can range from allowing students to listen to music while they work to free computer time. Little incentives might encourage your students to meet their weekly goals.

Have weekly or monthly games. A yearbook-inspired game of jeopardy is a fun way to get students listening and learning. Knowing that the things covered in class could come up in a game might motivate students to pay attention during class. We created a Key to a jeopardy game covering the yearbook lingo chalktalk to help you get started. Use this Key as an example to set up your jeopardy game. Be sure to write the categories and point amounts on the board, but not the answers.

We hope you try our ideas to keep your yearbook students excited! Let us know what keeps your yearbook committee focused here.