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Lesson 24

One of the most important parts of your yearbook is the class portrait pages. While critical to your yearbook, the class portrait pages are sometimes an area where creativity is lost. Fortunately for you, this doesn’t have to be the case. We have gathered some examples of ways you can spice up your class portrait pages to make them just as fun as the rest of your yearbook.

  1. Leave space to include quotes from some or all of the students pictured.



Quotes from students are always fun to look back on. Ask students questions inspired by your yearbook theme, or ask students to give a quote without a prompt. When quotes are given without a prompt, they range from funny to inspirational. Quotes give viewers an additional look into the pictured students’ personalities.

  1. Fill empty space with a collage of pictures.


Including collages in your class portrait pages is a fun way to incorporate more pictures of students. Collages are a good way to use extra space & student pictures that weren’t used on candid pages.

  1. Match your class portrait pages with the theme of your yearbook.


Here is an example of the class portrait pages matching a filmstrip theme, like our Capturing the Moments theme shown here. Displaying portraits in a non-traditional format is a fun way to make your class portrait pages more creative.  

  1. Include personal profiles along with each portrait.


While this idea is more practical for smaller schools, or for graduating classes, it is a fun way to show a more personal view of the students along with their portraits.

We hope you find these ideas helpful and look forward to seeing your creative portrait pages in the 2015-2016 Yearbook Legacy Contest!