Chalktalk Lessons

Lesson One – First Days of School

Lesson Two – Goal Setting

Lesson Three – Assigning Roles and Responsibilities

Lesson Four – Organizing Responsibilities

Lesson Five – Teamwork

Lesson Six – Making Checklists

Lesson Seven – Smartphone Photography Tips

Lesson Eight – Yearbook Lingo

Lesson Nine – Leadership

Lesson Ten – Typography

Lesson Eleven – Hierarchy in Typography

Lesson Twelve – Citizenship in the Yearbook Committee

Lesson Thirteen – School Spirit

Lesson Fourteen – Public Speaking

Lesson Fifteen – Writing Headlines

Lesson Sixteen – Being Humble and Gracious

Lesson Seventeen – Writing Interview Questions

Lesson Eighteen – Conducting an Interview

Lesson Nineteen – Keeping Students Excited and Involved

Lesson Twenty – How to Be a Good Journalist


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