Yerd Herd Sign Up Form

Inter-State Studio has created a new program just for you!

Sign up for the FIRST Leadership/Responsibility program of it’s kind.  We are so excited to bring this to you!

The Herd will work passionately throughout the year to gather the best stores, images, and information to create your best yearbook ever, therefore selling more yearbooks than ever before!

The kids get involved in a way they have never been before. Bring back the meaning of the “YEARBOOK” and make the COOL again!




HAVE QUESTIONS – CALL 1-800-451-0507



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2 thoughts on “Yerd Herd Sign Up Form

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  2. I look forward to this school year. We have many new changes to our school, including faculty and adminstration! Will need more pages…40 probably won’t be enough this year. It would be tight!!

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