Organizing Responsibilities

Lesson Four

Organizing the Responsibilities of Your Yearbook Staff

Now that we have covered assigning roles equally in your classroom, we will share descriptions for some common responsibilities your staff will need to cover. Fulfilling these responsibilities will allow your yearbook staff to produce the yearbook as smoothly as possible.

In order for you to better understand each specific responsibility, here is a breakdown of some tasks that your yearbook committee will be responsible for.

Editing As the yearbook advisor, you will be responsible for checking all the final facts, spelling, grammar, page designs and photos. The students should be continuously working as editors for each other before you do the final checking.

Business/Marketing the advertisement and promotion of yearbook sales; student will need to keep records and receipts of all yearbook sales

Photo Editing the selecting, editing and positioning of photos in the yearbook

Design Editing checking for consistency throughout yearbook pages

Copy Editing proofreading all captions and copy in the yearbook; making sure all copy is factual

Photographing taking photos for the yearbook

Designing creating yearbook templates, spreads and layouts

Writing developing factual and unbiased copy

Having your yearbook staff organized where everyone takes part in every responsibility will help keep the yearbook exciting and fun!  It will also help the students strengthen their skills in tasks that may be out of their comfort zones.