Goal Setting

Lesson Two

Goal setting continued – Brainstorming for the look of your book

Once you know how you will improve your yearbook this year, you need to start thinking about what the book is going to look like.

Lesson Two

2-3 class days – Brainstorming can be done with magazines, the internet, tablets, or students’ phones.  All you are looking for in these sessions are interesting and trendy styles and layouts.  This research can be used to help with layouts, color combinations, cool fonts and designs, or just inspiration for your book. It would be great if you could print these out and make an inspiration board for the classroom. Below is an example from Pinterest.  

When everyone has had plenty of time to gather things they like, lay all of them on the floor or a table and decide what you like as a group. Start getting rid of things that are repeated or that won’t work for your book. After a while, the group will begin to see how the style of the book will come together.  Once the inspiration board is done, you can begin thinking about the layout of the book.