Public Speaking

Lesson Fourteen

As a part of the yearbook committee, there is a good chance your students will have to speak in front of a person or group of people at some point. Nervousness in this situation is normal, but there are things your students can do to prepare themselves for public speaking. We have gathered some tips that will help to improve your yearbook committee’s public speaking skills.

1) Practice beforehand. Whether you are presenting yearbook sale information to the entire student body at a school assembly or interviewing an individual for a yearbook article, it is likely you will feel more prepared if you practice beforehand. Practice with another yearbook student or in front of the mirror; this will help you to figure out your main points and how to word them.

2) Break the ice. At the beginning of your speech, tell a short joke or quote to get listeners engaged. This will get their attention and also help you feel more comfortable. For an individual interview, simply asking the interviewer how their day is going may be an effective ice-breaker.

3) Be enthusiastic. Presenting your topic with enthusiasm and interest will show that you are knowledgeable about the topic and emphasize its importance.The person or people you are speaking to will be able to sense your enthusiasm and will reflect this emotion.

4) Keep things simple. More than likely, if what you are talking about seems complicated to you, it will also seem complicated to your listener. Keeping things simple will make things easier for you and your listeners.

5) Relax. Do some stretches and take deep breaths before speaking in front of people. This will allow you to wind down and get rid of some anxiety.

6) Smile. Smiling throughout your speech or interview will help both you and the listener feel more comfortable. Smiling releases endorphins that lower stress and make you feel more relaxed. Smiling will also relax the listener so they feel more comfortable.

Following these tips will make your yearbook committee professional public speakers in no time!