School Spirit

Lesson Thirteen

As yearbook committee members, students have the opportunity to make an impact on school spirit within their student body. Organizing an event is a fantastic way to get the student body excited and involved. This event can be an opportunity to raise money for the yearbook, a way to get photos for the yearbook, or simply a chance to do something unique for your school. To help you get started, we have shared some school spirit event ideas below.

Idea #1: Hold a yearbook cover design competition. Extend the opportunity to design the cover to the whole student body. Encourage students to create a yearbook cover they think embodies their school. Let the students be creative with the medium they choose. For example, some covers might be drawings while others are photographs. Feature participants in the contest on a page or spread in the yearbook.

Idea #2: Host a carnival night.  The carnival can focus on getting the student body involved and interested in the school’s clubs and teams. Have yearbook students pair up and set up booths where they lead games and activities. Some activities can be games just for fun, while others may focus on the clubs and teams. Reach out to members of the clubs and teams for help.  Sell tickets to the carnival to raise money for the yearbook committee; tickets bought in advance can be sold at a discount.

Idea #3: Plan a school spirit week.  This could be a week where the yearbook committee is trying to reach a certain number of yearbook sales. Having a fun week with themed days would get students excited and involved. This would increase students’ awareness about yearbook sales and also create photo opportunities for the yearbook. Days of the spirit week could be picked based on the current yearbook theme and things associated with yearbooks. For instance, one day could be a Future Day, where students dress up as what they want to be in the future. This would create an opportunity to take photos for a What I Want To Be When I Grow Up page in the yearbook.  Yearbooks could be sold at a discount this week to boost sales.

Share with us what your yearbook committee does to get the student body involved in the contact us tab at the top of the page!