Yearbook Lingo

Lesson Eight

If you and/or your students are new to yearbook, some of the lingo associated with creating the yearbook may be a little confusing at times. We have gathered a list of some of the words you may need to know or be wondering about when creating the yearbook.

Yearbook Vocabulary

  1. Bleeda printing term that refers to the printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming; the area in the bleed is what is being trimmed off after printing (the purpose of the bleed is to make sure that everything that goes to the edge of the page cuts off at the right place)
  2. Brainstorming – developing and researching new ideas
  3. Candid Photo – a photo that is not posed
  4. Caption – blocks of text that accompany photos
  5. Copy – All of the text that goes in the yearbook
  6. Coverage – what you are going to be covering in a certain section of the yearbook
  7. Cropping – getting rid of portions of a photo that are unwanted in order to improve the composition
  8. Deadline – cut off date for completing assignments.
  9. Dividers – page(s) that indicate the start/end of a section
  10. Dominant Photo – a photo that is larger than any other photo on a page; the photo that draws the attention
  11. Font – a style of type
  12. Graphics – illustrated pictures or drawings
  13. Gutter – the center of the spread where two pages meet
  14. Headline – the title of a story or page
  15. Ladder – a page by page listing of the yearbook’s pages; used for organizing the yearbook
  16. Layout – the design and arrangement of each page
  17. Moodboard – an arrangement of images, text and other miscellaneous items used to form inspiration for design and concepts
  18. Mug Shot – photo of a person’s head and shoulders only; also called a portrait picture
  19. Page Proof – a virtual version of a page showing what it will look like printed
  20. Quote – a line or section of words said or written by a different person
  21. Sections – The parts the book can be broken up with division pages (e.g. people pages, activities, group pictures, etc.)
  22. Spread – two pages that face each other
  23. Title Page – page one of the yearbook; should include the name of the book, name of the school, school address, volume number, year, website and principal’s name
  24. Theme – a concept or idea for the yearbook or page
  25. Type – printed letters